Is Toyota Wasting Its Time With This Performance Car?

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Who in the world would buy this?

Toyota has always offered off-roading enthusiasts with performance vehicles with its TRD-branded cars. However, the Toyota RAV4 is the furthest thing away from an enthusiast car and will never be used to go offroading. Toyota plans to change all of this, as well as the RAV4's reputation, with a performance variant of the car. At this year's Chicago Auto Show, Toyota Manager Bill Fay told Automobile that a TRD variant of the RAV4 might be in the works.

"You might find some of that TRD racing magic trickle down to a special production RAV4 model," stated Fay. "That would be awesome." This doesn't mean the automaker will definitely build a TRD version of the RAV4, but it could be a possibility. While we can't really see the benefit of a high performance RAV4, there could be a market for it. Toyota has already made an unofficial rally variant of the RAV4 with help from Ryan Millen. Fay hinted the TRD version of the RAV4 would be inspired by Millen's rally car, which would be a hit or miss. Toyota may be onto something here, since no other automaker offers an off-roading version of a compact crossover. If Toyota were to make a performance RAV4, it would need more than a body kit to be successful.

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