Is Volkswagen Planning Electric Rival To The Ford Bronco?

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A new patent seems to suggest just that.

Volkswagen has been working hard to change its public image to one that denotes a commitment to clean powertrains with various new models under the ID. banner, including the ID.4. While we know that a coupe version of this car is on the way, the public appears to be more interested in off-road lifestyle vehicles, and it seems that Volkswagen is taking note. A new patent filed in Europe sees Volkswagen looking to trademark a new name, and rumors are suggesting that this vehicle could be related to the ID. Ruggdzz. The new name is ID. Junglezz, and that's not the sort of name you'd give to a sedan or hatch.

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While we'll surely come across more details in the future, one possibility is that this could be a modified version of the ID.4 with better ground clearance and other off-road aids, while another possibility is that the Junglezz is made from the remnants of the now-dead ID. Buggy. We know that the Ruggdzz will likely be a direct rival to BMW's iX3 and Merc's EQB, but where the Junglezz will slot into the market has yet to be determined. All the patent confirms is that it refers to "vehicles and means of transport", "sporting articles and equipment" (indicating that there could be additional accessories to be sold with the vehicle), and "retailing and wholesaling in relation to motor vehicles".

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Based on recent renderings there's a good chance that the new Volkswagen model could be Bronco sized. If that's the type of vehicle that the Junglezz aims to compete with, then it will certainly be brilliant off-road and could even feature removable panels - the roof and doors come to mind as possible detachable components. Still, until we get some official info from Germany, all we can do is hope that this new model will be something different and something exciting - not just another niche-filler. Is this a model too many, or is VW making the right decision? Considering how EVs will eventually take over the market completely, the more models there are, the better for the brand.


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