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Is Volkswagen Testing A New Mystery Crossover?

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Clearly, this is no ordinary Volkswagen Golf.

To the untrained eye, this looks like an ordinary Volkswagen Golf VII, but a closer inspection reveals it could be a test mule for a new mystery model. Our spies spotted the mysterious Golf lapping the Nurburgring, and while you may think VW could be simply testing the new next-generation version of the iconic hatchback, development is at a stage where VW wouldn't be using test mules based on the outgoing model.

In fact, we've already seen camouflaged prototypes of the new Golf being prepared for production. This, then, could be a new Volkswagen subcompact crossover at an early stage of testing.

There are some notable differences between this test mule and the standard Golf. The most obvious is the fact it rides higher than the regular Golf, while the front and back have beefier wheel arches hiding a wider track, suggesting it could be an SUV. From the rear side profile, the bumper and rear lights are also shorter than the regular Golf's. The fact it has an exhaust pipe also confirms we're not looking at a test mule for one of VW's upcoming electric models.

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So what exactly is Volkswagen cooking up here? Back in March, the automaker announced an unnamed five-seater crossover is in development but didn't reveal any details about the new model. Previous reports have suggested VW will launch a new entry-level compact crossover exclusively for the North American market.

You wouldn't think there is room for another crossover in Volkswagen's lineup, but the new model is expected to be even smaller than the Tiguan and arrive at some point in 2020, so it seems plausible that initial testing of the new model would begin around now. Chances are we'll see camouflaged prototypes being tested in the next few months to give us a better idea what Volkswagen's new subcompact crossover will look like.