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Is Volvo Being A Bit Too Ambitious With Its Self-Driving Goals?

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Volvo thinks self-driving cars will arrive in the next decade.

Volvo is on a mission to create a "death-proof" car by 2020. With that goal quickly approaching, self-driving technology is becoming increasingly important to help eliminate road fatalities. Although Volvo does have many advanced safety features, self-driving technology is far from perfect. Case in point: Uber's autonomous XC90 test car involved in a fatal crash. Although autonomous driving technology is far perfect, Bloomberg's Tom Lavell reports that Volvo believes one third of its cars will be autonomous halfway through the next decade.

Volvo has set an ambitious goal for one third of its vehicle deliveries to be fully autonomous by 2025. The Swedish automaker expects half of its cars to be available through a subscription service, which is currently available on the XC40. Much of the demand will come from traditional car buyers, but demand from robo-taxi providers will also drive sales. These initiatives will help transform Volvo from being purely a car company to being a direct consumer-services provider," Chief Executive Officer Hakan Samuelsson said in a statement. With this announcement, Volvo has become the first automaker to include sales targets for autonomous taxis.

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It seems like a lofty goal to imagine one third of all Volvo models being autonomous in just seven years. Anything is possible with the rapid improvement in technology, but today in 2018, Volvo's goal seems a bit too ambitious in our opinion.