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Is Volvo Cooking Up A New Autonomous Electric Concept Car?

Teaser / Comments

Called the 360c, Volvo's new concept will likely preview future self-driving technology and electric powertrains in future models.

Volvo has released a series of mysterious teasers on social media seemingly previewing a new self-driving concept car called the 360c. Details are scarce, but the Swedish automaker describes the concept as its "vision for the future of travel," and poses the question: "Could time spent traveling become time well spent?" The latest teaser posted on Facebook gives us a preview of what the 360c will look like.

At the front, the traditional iron mark symbol is illuminated with a light bar, while a full-length light strip trails above it lighting up the front fascia. There also appears to be cameras replacing conventional side mirrors, as is traditional for concept cars. At the rear, the taillights look similar to those on the new S60, while the clusters appear to be linked to an aerodynamic fin displaying the number 360. A red LED stripe surrounding the fin also seamlessly connects to the taillights.

The original Volvo 360 was a boxy sedan produced between 1983 to 1989 (based the 340 hatchback) and was powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, so it remains to be seen whether the 360c will bear any resemblance to it. Intriguingly, another teaser was released last week consisting of an audio clip playing a pleasant sound. "This could be the sound of your future ride. What do you think it's saying?"

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Based on comments Volvo has posted in response to users trying to figure out the teaser, the 360c will likely be an autonomous EV concept previewing self-driving technology and electric powertrains for future Volvos.

Volvo has also already confirmed it intends to make one-third of its cars fully autonomous by 2025 and have fully electric cars make up half its sales by the same year, which further supports this theory. It could even preview a future Volvo sub-brand to rival Volkswagen's I.D. and Mercedes' EQ ranges. Hopefully, we'll find out what Volvo has been cooking up soon.