Is Your Acura NSX On This New Recall List?

If so, expect to receive a phone call very soon.

Automotive recalls are commonplace these days, perhaps even more so because automakers are not willing to take any chances following disasters like GM’s ignition switch saga and Volkswagen's Dieselgate. It’s simply not worth the financial and PR risk. Above all, it’s morally wrong. Today comes word that Acura will be issuing a recall for certain 2017 and 2018 model year NSX supercars. Although no accidents, injuries, or fatalities have been reported, Acura is doing the right thing. According to the automaker, a total of 793 2017 model year NSXs could experience a short-circuit in the high-mount brake lights. In turn, this could blow a fuse and deactivate all brake lights.

Not only is operating a vehicle without brake lights illegal, it's also dangerous, specifically at night. The affected NSXs also won’t restart once the dashboard warning lights appear and the driver decides to shut off the engine. The fix, according to Acura, is commonplace: a replacement of the center high mount brake light.

At the same time, another batch of 2017 and 2018 model year NSXs require a recall due to faulty fuel tanks. Both the left and right tanks have incorrectly installed crossover pipes, which connect the fuel tanks. Because of this installation mistake, it’s possible for a fuel leak to occur over time, which could result in a fire.

Both recalls will obviously be repaired free of charge. And because of the relatively few recalled vehicles, and the exclusive perks of being an NSX owner, Acura say it will notify owners by phone. Notices will also be sent through the mail beginning this November.

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