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Is Your Chevy Dealer Good Enough to Sell a 2014 SS?

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Only around 900 examples are set to arrive in the first shipment from Australia.

Like the new 2014 Corvette Stingray, only the best-performing Chevy dealerships in the US will get first dibs to have a new SS in its showroom this fall. A new report is indicating that less than 1,000 units are expected to arrive on the first boat from Australia in the very near future. But here's the thing: there are around 3,000 Chevy dealers in the US. More than likely, every single one of those dealers is going to want to have at least one V8-powered SS on its lot so that it can mark it up by several thousand dollars.

Because of this limited supply, SS allocation will be based on a dealer's Corvette and Camaro sales. A Chevy rep stated that "If you have a niche selling those cars, you are going to get a bigger percentage than somebody who doesn't sell Camaros and Corvettes." More units are expect to arrive on US shores next year, and that same rep expects that at least 50 percent of Chevy dealers will have the car on hand and ready to sell at that time. Still, Chevy doesn't expect the SS to be a volume seller, and if it manages to sell somewhere in the range of 1,700-2,000 units annually then it'll be declared a success.

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