It'd Be 100 Percent More Awesome If Mario Was Racing This Bathtub Kart

Donkey Kong would be our second choice.

The Swiss never fail to amaze us with their ingenuity. First came those nifty pocket knives, then the watches. The chocolate ain’t so bad either. And now we’ve discovered this – a motorized bathtub kart racer. Really, such a thing exists. It was built and raced by a guy named Hannes Roth for the Bergrennen Reitnau, a hill climb race of sorts that takes place once a year in a quiet Swiss farming village. We’re guessing it’s powered by a motorcycle engine judging by what we can make out in the video.

But whatever is powering this tub, it sure does make it go fast. Hannes, we’ve never met before, but you’re wonderfully bonkers. That’s totally a compliment.

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