It Is Now Even Easier To Buy A Ruf-Tuned Porsche

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Acclaimed Porsche tuner is branching out.

For such a relatively small and independent company, Ruf Automobile has a pretty impressive global presence. Along with representation in its native homeland of Germany, the world-renowned Porsche upgrader and restorer has established itself in quite a few far-reaching territories, ranging from the United States and China to Japan, Taiwan and even Chile. Surprisingly, though, it's taken Ruf an incredibly long time to set up a European outpost that's not located somewhere in Germany.

But expand into other European territories it has, thanks to Ruf's all-new partnership with 'The Car Spy,' a British brokerage franchise that deals exclusively with luxury vehicles and higher-end supercars. Along with being the sole place in Britain where you can buy brand new Ruf models from, The Car Spy will also become Ruf's main 'office' in the UK, meaning the British buyers of Ruf wares can now report straight to The Car Spy's base in Tunbridge Wells for after-sales support, instead of getting in contact with the suitable Ruf representatives in Pfaffenhausen. Overall, it's a pretty sweet piece of news for Ruf's aficionados and long-standing clients who are based in the United Kingdom.

Ruf deciding to set up shop on UK soil comes at a time where Ruf seems to be at the strongest period it's been since it starting selling its own Porsche-based wares in the late 1970s. Not only does the firm create models based upon the latest Boxster and 911 variants, but Ruf also offers a series of 'restomod' models that aren't too dissimilar in concept to what Singer Design gets up to, and Ruf even has the capacity to restore older Porsche models to their former glories. Make no mistake, Ruf is going on a seriously strong stride at the moment, and it wouldn't surprise us in the slightest if even more partnerships between Ruf and new distribution partners are announced in the near future.

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