It'll Take A Ton Of Cash To Buy Paul Walker's R34 GT-R At Auction

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How much should the iconic car go for?

Following the tragic death of beloved actor and car fanatic Paul Walker, the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R became even more than just an awesome all-wheel-drive Japanese sports car. The R34 was the car of choice for Walker in many of the "Fast and Furious" movies. Now, fans of the series can bid on the original Skyline GT-R that Walker drove in the fourth installment of the franchise, "Fast & Furious." Yup, the one Walker's character built to his own specifications. This Skyline is reportedly the last functioning example from the 2009 film.

Just in case you forgot about the role the R34 GT-R played in the movie, here's its epic build montage.

The other eight cars made for the movie were destroyed during production. Even if the other cars had survived, this was the only one of the nine that wasn't a dummy or stunt car built on a Volkswagen chassis. This GT-R stands above a normal GT-R for more than just being shown on screen.This example features multiple performance upgrades, including: a Turbonetics front mounted intercooler, Nismo Lowering Springs, a custom roll cage, a Nismo bumper and side skirts, Volk Racing wheels, a Momo steering wheel, and Nismo pedals. Also included is a custom heads-up-display for a dash-mounted computer. With all of the performance upgrades, this Skyline sends 550 horsepower to all four wheels via a six-speed Getrag Shifter.

No one knows exactly how much this car will get when Barrett-Jackson puts it up for auction later in the month. If we had the cash we'd pay an arm and a leg for it but that's just us. Still, someone with deep pockets and a love for movie memorabilia/awesome cars will likely drop a ton to own this bad boy.

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