It Looks Like Hyundai's Serious About Its Genesis Brand

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The automaker nabbed an executive from Lamborghini.

Hyundai's plan to fight the best luxury vehicles from Germany with the launch of its Genesis luxury brand sounded like a half-baked plan in the beginning, but the automaker is serious about taking its luxury brand to new heights. Hyundai knows that the right people will make a world of difference and have found the proper man for the job. The Korean automaker has put Manfried Fitzgerald, the former director of brand and design at Lamborghini, at the helm of the Genesis brand.

Fitzgerald worked with Lamborghini for 12 years before starting his own consultancy. As the latest Senior Vice President of Hyundai, Fitzgerald will be tasked with leading the "brand strategy, marketing, and other business operations" for the Genesis brand. It looks like Hyundai is on track to make the Genesis brand a proper luxury automaker with Fitzgerald and Luc Donckerwolke who left the head of design at Bentley to run Hyundai's new Prestige Design Division. With a new director from an exotic Italian automaker, it's safe to assume that the luxury vehicles will look amazing.

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