It Looks Like The Convertible LaFerrari Is Getting The 'Aperta' Name After All


"LaFerrari Aperta" sounds a lot classier than "LaFerrari Spider."

When it comes to journalism, having sources is important. But what's also important is having a keen eye and being aware. Case in point: Autocar discovered, as did we, that the new LaFerrari convertible would get the "Aperta" name after checking the name of the images its writers downloaded from Ferrari's media site. The files were labeled "'laferrari-aperta-news-580x362." Autocar then reached out to its sources, and those unnamed heroes confirmed that Ferrari was indeed giving its newest supercar the Aperta moniker.


Those who zealously follow the company will note that this isn't the first time the name has been used. The 458 Speciale got the Aperta treatment, as did the 599. Both of those cars saw extremely limited runs, with only 499 458 Speciale As being made and just 800 599 SA Apertas seeing production. There's no word from Ferrari on the production run the LaFerrari Aperta will see or how much each one will cost. Apparently the entire production run is sold out already, though. Sorry to crush your dream of owning one so suddenly. Expect more details to trickle out during the run up to the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The switch to the information floodgate should be flipped once the show's press days kick off on September 29th.

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