It Only Took Ford 5 Years To Sell One Million EcoBoost F-150s

EcoBoost F-150s are obviously not a passing fad.

Ford’s gamble on smaller turbocharged engines for its trucks has paid off in a big way as the automaker just announced that it has hit 1 million EcoBoost F-150 sales. The first EcoBoost F-150 went on sale back in January of 2011 and since then the truck has been a hit. According to the automaker the turbocharged engines—a 2.7-liter and a 3.5-liter, both V6s—make up more than 60% of all F-150 sales. It’s worth mentioning that only four engines are currently on offer, though, with one being a V8 and the other a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6.

Still, it’s a big accomplishment for Ford and its EcoBoost engine. The combination of direct injection and turbocharging isn’t new but the Blue Oval has managed to bring it to the masses in “unconventional” models like pickups and muscle cars. Chevrolet loves to talk smack about Ford but the reality is that its forward-thinking ways seem to be paying off in the form of cold hard cash. GM has its EcoTec3 engines but those only feature direct injection and not turbocharging, although there are a host of other gas-sipping features built-in as well. The truck war is fought on many fronts and EcoBoost alone isn’t going to win it for Ford. Still, numbers don’t lie and it appears that EcoBoost has played a part in bringing buyers to Ford dealerships.

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