It's A Damn Shame Mitsubishi Killed The Evo For Stuff Like This

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At least its suicide doors look cool.

It's called the eX, a compact crossover concept that previews Mitsubishi's next generation styling language. We dig the edgy, angular look, just not the car so much. Why's that? The eX is fully electric, a powertrain technology Mitsubishi is embracing. In other words, it dumped the Lancer Evolution and anything else performance related for the foreseeable future. Making its official debut right now at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Mitsubishi eX Concept features some nifty suicide doors and plenty of LED lighting up front and rear.

It's also said to feature some autonomous driving technology and active safety hardware. We'll know more details once the official premiere happens. But in the course of just a few days, Mitsubishi revealed the Evo Final Edition and unveiled its future. It's just a shame Mitsubishi couldn't figure out a way to implement battery tech into a next generation street legal rally car. There are still Subaru WRX STIs out there to race.

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