It's A Miracle No One Was Killed When This Race Car Went Airborne Into The Crowd


Calls don't get much closer than this.

Racing on the world’s most modern race tracks featuring top-notch safety barriers is very dangerous. Needless to say racing on a track that only uses slim tire walls to keep cars from the crowd is even more dangerous, as evidenced by this video. It was shot at Trinidad and Tobago's Wallerfield International Raceway. The crash occurred during the last lap of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships. One car loses control and goes into the tire wall, and seconds later another car runs straight into the destroyed barrier.

The car launches into the air and lands on the spectators seated in the bleachers. Four people were seriously injured but there were no fatalities. You can watch a direct angle of the crash here.

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If you want a clearer view of it then watch this video, which is unfortunately shot vertically.