It's About Time A Ferrari Enzo Rolled Into Jay Leno's Garage

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Better late than never.

For some it's the last great Ferrari hypercar. It's not that the Ferrari Enzo's successor, the LaFerrari, is a dud, but that things have changed in a relatively short period of time. While the Enzo is more analog in nature, the LaFerrari is a high-tech wonder, complete with a hybrid power boost setup. The Enzo, meanwhile, gets its 650 hp from its 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine. That's it. And perhaps that's why it'll forever have a special place in our gearhead hearts.

It certainly does for Jay Leno who, amazingly, doesn't own a single Ferrari. He's a Lamborghini guy, but still very much respects Ferrari. This is quite clear when Ferrari enthusiast and serial collector/owner David Lee pops by Leno's garage with his Enzo in tow.

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The usual car-focused discussion and test drive follow. You've probably heard the name David Lee before because he's the guy who was quite angry when Ferrari refused to sell him a LaFerrari Aperta not long ago. To clarify: Ferrari wouldn't sell a LaFerrari Aperta to a guy with a $50 million Ferrari collection. That's just nuts, but Lee certainly has fantastic taste, as evidenced by the immaculate condition he keeps his Enzo in despite driving it around town on a fairly regular basis.

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