It's Alive: UK Nightmare Monster Car

UK insurance company, Warranty Direct, has composed their version of the all-star line-up of worst parts to form an abonimation named the Monster Mk1. .

What if you could pick apart a car and create the all-star lineup of the worst parts? UK insurance company Warranty Direct did so, and dubbed the abomination the Monster Mk1. And here is your starting line-up for the nightmare car all-star team: the Audi A8 takes the honor of providing the brakes, BMW M3 provides the suspension, MG TF gives us the wonderful engine, Land Rover Freelander was kind enough to provide the transmission, Mercedes-Benz V-Class with the ignition and Renault Megane with the electrics.

Rounding out the all-star line-up is are a pair of SEAT Toledo's. They were gracious enough to donate the HVA and once again with the AC of the Alhambra and last but not least, the steering system of the Volvo C70. There you have it, the Monster Mk1 "hybrid". This "hybrid" can also be dubbed the insurance company's worst nightmare. According to Warranty Direct managing director Duncan McClure Fisher: "The Monster Mk1 represents the worst-performing vehicles in every sector, from suspension to electrics, on our roads today."

The "mutation" was created using Warranty Direct's database of over 50,000 live policies on vehicles aged five years on average. And unlike fine wine, these aged "hybrids" do not get better with time.

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