It's Almost Painful Watching This Jaguar F-Type R Get Smoked By A 911 Turbo S

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It's such an awesome car but it stood no chance here.

The Jaguar F-Type R doesn't strike us as a car that's afraid of a little drag race. Last time we saw it out on the strip it was going heads up with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. That race was a bit one-sided for a variety of reasons, but still, F-Type R vs. Hellcat! This drag race is a bit lopsided as well, but this time the scales don't tip in the Jag's favor. Evo got an F-Type R and a Porsche 911 Turbo S together for a half-mile race. As you can probably already guess this race was a blowout.

The 911 has several advantages over the F-Type R, including a more powerful engine, a faster-shifting transmission and better tech. It's a pretty brutal beatdown, but one we still recommend watching, if only so that you can renew your appreciation for the awesomeness of the 911.

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