It's Bound to Happen: Ford "Working Very Hard" on Hybrid F-150

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Sooner or later the best-selling vehicle in the US will go even greener.

Some will care, others not so much, but the fact of the matter is that Ford is very much at work on a hybrid version of its newly redesigned F-150 full-size pickup truck. The report comes directly from Ford global product development chief Raj Nair, after discussing various subjects with the Detroit Free Press. In response to a question regarding falling gas prices in the US, Nair still believes Ford is doing "the right thing" with its EcoBoost technology to reduce greenhouse gases.


Lower gas prices often leads to a slowdown in sales of hybrids and EVs, but customers are still buying up EcoBoost-engined vehicles, such as the Mustang and Lincoln MKC crossover. The 2015 F-150 is no exception. "Fuel economy is a strong driver for sales of other vehicles. Low gasoline prices make the payback longer," Nair stated. Cheaper gas is also making a diesel-powered F-150 "a tough go," but Ford is still "working very hard" on a hybrid system for the F-150. Point being, Ford is predicting fuel prices will increase at some point and efficiency will once again be a big factor for buyers. Nair declined to give a timeline or other specifics regarding a hybrid F-150, but it'll surely arrive at some point.

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