It's Coming: The Fastest Lambo Ever

2013 Geneva Motor Show / Comments

Lamborghini continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary as it prepares to unveil its fastest road car ever at this year's Geneva Motor Show.

Lamborghini is not sitting back and letting its competitors steal the spotlight in any way. Sure, Ferrari is about to unveil its highly anticipated Enzo successor and McLaren's P1 is just around the corner. So what's Lamborghini to do in order to remain relevant in this segment? Build its fastest road model ever. According to a new report from Car Advice, the automaker's brand design director, Filippo Perini, said "Lamborghini will celebrate their 50th anniversary by revealing something truly special at Geneva this year.

"It will be the fastest car Lamborghini has ever produced and will be very low volume. Less than 10 cars will be produced and most of them have most likely been sold." When pressed further about the upcoming car, Perini simply replied that "We want to shock the world with this car." So there you have it and let the guessing game begin. What could this car be? The production Sesto Elemento can immediately be ruled out because it's track only. The Urus SUV concept still hasn't been greenlit for production and the Aventador Roadster has already been revealed (and sold out).

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Our best guess is that the fastest road going Lambo ever will be something along the lines of last year's one-off Aventador J. We'll just have to wait as we get closer to March's show to find out the full skinny.

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