It's Finally Happened: Dubai Police Get Themselves a Veyron

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$1.6 million police car tops off the collection nicely.

We said at the time the Photoshopped image of a Bugatti Veyron clad in Dubai police decal was probably a sign of their intent. And here we are, just a few months later, looking at the latest obscene addition to the Dubai Police's fleet of supercars. Not only is there a picture posted on the official Facebook page, we also have a video of the new super patrol car (hat tip to Bani for that).

Like the rest of the Dubai police cars – that includes an Aston Martin One-77, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF (for the lady cops), Mercedes SLS AMG and Bentley Continental GT – the Veyron will serve as a patrol car in popular tourist spots, reminding visitors just how loaded the natives are.

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