It's Finally Not Ugly: 2017 Porsche Panamera Vs. The Old Panamera

At least we don't think it's ugly. But is it beautiful?

When the first generation Porsche Panamera was revealed way back in 2010 it was almost immediately deemed ugly. Yet, with time, its design grew on us and while many never loved the car itself, features, performance and all, proved the luxury sedan to be a bona fide Porsche. And now its second generation successor has arrived and, without question, it looks like a Panamera. Only it’s not so ugly anymore. Porsche has smoothed out the lines and overall dimensions, and we love it. The way the roofline now extends and tapers off into the rear looks very 911-ish.

This is the Panamera we’ve been waiting for. Performance? Insane, in a nutshell. The new aluminum-bodied, 550-hp Panamera Turbo is now the fastest luxury sedan on the planet, setting a new Nurburgring lap time of 7 minutes 38 seconds. The interior design is also a marked improvement over its predecessor, with fewer buttons and an overall cleaner look. So more technology, improved performance and better styling. What’s not to love? The price. $101,040 is the bare minimum for entry. But what do you all think? Is the new Panamera an improvement over the old one, or did you find that quirky styling appealing? Let us know in the comments ahead.

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