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It's Happening: Marchionne Will Increase Ferrari Production

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We expected nothing less from the man in a sweater.

Sergio Marchionne will take over as Ferrari chairman on October 13. And unlike his soon-to-be predecessor, Luca di Montezemolo, Marchionne wants more new Ferraris on the road ASAP. That specifically includes the $1.3 million LaFerrari. And it won't stop there. What was rumored last week has now become a reality: Marchionne will increase Ferrari production in order to cater to anxious and wealthy customers. Instead of di Montezemolo's 7,000-unit per year production cap, Marchionne will slowly increase that number to about 10,000.

Marchionne stated that "If that class increases, we should be able to follow them. (Otherwise) the waiting list will become too long, and people get tired." And that right there was the heart of the di Montezemolo-Marchionne dispute. The former believed exclusivity was paramount, and people just had to wait. Marchionne intends to combine that status with an increased production number that's not too high or too low but will guarantee even greater profits. It's no coincidence that he's taking the Prancing Horse's reign on the same day that the shares of the newly-merged FCA begin trading in New York.

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