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It's Impossible Not to Love the BMW E30 M3

It is "God's Chariot," after all.

Back in 1985, BMW had the simple, yet ingenious idea to make its then current 3 Series even better. By improving the brakes, suspension, gearbox, and of course, giving it a new engine, BMW built itself an icon. The first-generation M3, also known as the E30 M3, has become one of the most sought after classic BMWs today. Only a few years ago it wasn’t so hard to find a used E30 M3 for a decent price. Today is a different story, with the value of these cars skyrocketing to new levels.

Those who bought early, such as this owner recently interviewed by BMW, are now in possession of something not only very special, but also quite valuable. After all, the E30 M3 was only the start of a legendary model that remains the segment benchmark to this today.

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