It's Impossible To Deny That This McLaren F1 Sounds Amazing

Dear Santa!

If you're familiar with Instagram you may have come across Mike Schein before. If not, well he's a dude who has a McLaren F1 and drives it hard. That is about all that needs to be said. Schein is the proud owner of this beautiful white-on-black F1 that features the High Down Force kit. So no this is not a McLaren F1LM. Hearing the mechanical chatter of the 6.1-liter V12 at idle is spine-tingling enough. But then to watch the driver slam the gas...well that's just nuts. It's impossible not to enjoy the absolute ferocity of the McLaren F1.

We only hope that Jason Thorgalsen, the proprietor of the Speedracer38 YouTube channel, will give us a longer F1 video next time.

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