It's Looking Good for a New Mazda RX-8 in 2017

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Yet another reason why we love Mazda.

There's been an awful lot of talk regarding the future of Mazda's rotary-engined sports cars. Ever since the RX-8 was discontinued not long ago, the Japanese automaker has been mum regarding a potential replacement. Apparently, Mazda engineers want to do the car while executives and bean counters are not wild about it. After all, a new RX-8 likely wouldn't have mass appeal, but it would certainly cater very well to brand enthusiasts, as well as Mazda's overall performance image.

And now a new report coming from Auto Express is claiming that, finally, Mazda has confirmed that a new rotary-powered flagship is due to arrive in 2017. The idea is to launch the car to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Cosmo Sport, Mazda's first rotary car. Mazda has yet to make an official announcement, but its engineering team is currently working to resolve those typical rotary engine problems, specifically high fuel and oil consumption and a lack of sufficient torque. But get this: the goal is to overcome those issues without turning to turbocharging. Instead, SkyActiv technology will be utilized.

Weight will be decreased and high engine compression ratios to increase power and efficiency will come into play. A target output of 300 horsepower is being sought from a naturally aspirated engine, and rear-wheel-drive will be standard. It's very possible the next-gen MX-5 platform will be used as a starting point, but the old RX-8's four-door configuration will likely be dropped to save weight.

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