It's Not 007s, but Aston Martin DB5 For Sale


Another Aston DB5 is on the block.

More than a year ago at RM Auctions in London, an Aston Martin DB5 was sold for $2.2 million. It was equipped with machine guns protruding from its fenders and had steel cutters that came out of the wheels. It was James Bond's car and hence the price (that disappointed the organizers who valued it as a $4-$5 million car. This is almost the same car but deprived of all those weapons and gadgets and should fetch about a tenth the price and will be sold as lot number 425 at the Bonhams auction on December 1st in Weybridge.

It is a 1965 model with the restored original 4-liter engine with a four-speed overdrive-equipped gearbox; a proper ZF five-speed unit is optional at first and will be standardized later. "Like all classic GT cars, it combines enormous speed with comfort and the more you put into your driving, the more the car returns for your entertainment. And the DB5 really is entertaining to anyone who can exploit its outstanding performance, handling and brakes. It will also carry four people (just) and a fair amount of luggage so the merits of family transport (if need be) have not been entirely sacrificed to speed and elegant looks."

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The previous description was found in Motor magazine (now discontinued) after its launch. For the new owner it will certainly be satisfactory. The asking price: up to £300,000. Photos courtesy of Bonhams.