It's Not A Joke: Chris Evans To Hold Open 'Top Gear' Co-host Auditions


Get your camera ready and your script straight.

A few days ago we gave you five reasons why we believe "Top Gear" is in good hands with Chris Evans as its new lead presenter. Now we've just been given a sixth as Evans is planning to expand the search for co-hosts to anyone with a passion for cars. That's right, if you're a knowledgeable gearhead whose good on camera there's a chance you could join Evans as host on the new format of "Top Gear." So, how does it work and what do you need to do?

Here's what Evans wants. "It should just be you, to camera from the waist up. No stunts, no gimmicks, just you talking to camera." You don't' need to be a celebrity or have any experience onscreen. In fact, the only real requirement is that the clip be 30 seconds and the person submitting it be 17 or older. Check the link below for more details and where to send. Apparently open auditions have worked out for the show before. "The way Richard and James were found was by auditioning. So what we're going to do is hold auditions." Evans said there are no guarantees that a member of the public will get a spot on the show, so don't get your hopes up just yet.

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