It's Not Just In The US Where The Mustang's Selling Like Hot Cakes

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The 'One Ford' policy seems to be paying off.

It's been widely documented how much of a sales success the sixth-generation Ford Mustang has been. On top of reclaiming its crown from the Chevrolet Camaro as the country's most popular muscle car, it's also the best selling sports coupe in the US, with Ford being able to sell one on average every four minutes. However, it now seems the Brits have also taken a liking to the 'Stang, as the latest iteration of Ford's pony car is the best-selling performance vehicle in the UK so far this year.

According to Ford UK, the Mustang is the most popular 250+hp sports car in the country, with 2,317 examples being sold to British buyers in the first seven months of 2016. For reference, the runner-up in these charts is the Jaguar F-Type (albeit a far way back, with YTD sales of 1,446 versions), and the BMW 6-Series surprisingly only has a deficit of 79 units to the svelte Jag. What makes Ford's achievement in the UK even more impressive, though, is that it only has a mere 65 'Ford Store' dealerships that stock Mustangs - meaning, for 2016 so far, each Ford Store has been able to sell one Mustang on average every six days. Not bad, for a supposedly niche appeal car with list prices on par with compact executive sedans.

Furthermore, the Mustang's popularity isn't just because there's a four-banger EcoBoost variant that, in theory, should be the more appealing option when you factor in the UK's emissions-based car tax laws. According to Motoring Research, 70% of all Ford Mustangs sold in the UK have the whopping 5.0-liter V8 under the hood - proving that even a majority of Brits understand that specifying a four-cylinder engine in an American muscle car is kinda defeating the purpose of owning something like a Mustang in the first place. So, now it's ascertained the UK's hooked on the sixth-gen 'Stang, hopefully this now means Ford will produce some right-hand-drive versions of some upcoming high performance Mustang derivatives.

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