It's Not Just Italian Supercars: See This Porsche 911 Turbo S Burn To The Ground

Turns out that even Germans are flammable.

There are certain cars that spring immediately to mind when you think of cars catching fire. Some of these, like the Chevy Volt, aren't really deserving of the reputation; while cars like the Ferrari 458 or the Ford Pinto pretty much are. But you don't often hear about Porsche 911 fires. That's not to say they never happen, but spontaneously bursting into flames isn't something the car is known for. But here to prove that it can happen is a video of a 911 Turbo S burning in a Costco parking lot.

We don't know just what caused the fire, but fortunately nobody was hurt. We also know that the Volkswagen sign in the background makes it hilarious.

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