It's Official: BMW Active Tourer is Coming to the US

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BMW crossover will share the same platform as the Mini Cooper.

Tired of the seemingly never-ending stream of BMW models being launched at a somewhat dizzyingly fast pace? Well, too bad because there's going to be yet another new Bimmer that'll be making its way to the US in 2015. The production version of the Active Tourer concept will be BMW's first front-wheel-drive crossover, sharing a platform and engine lineup with the all-new Mini Cooper that just debuted last week at LA. It will compete against the Mercedes GLA-Class.

This new so-called budget five-seat BMW is also the German automaker's attempt to attract new customers who would normally shop elsewhere. So how big will the production version be? The concept measures in at 171 inches long, and for comparison, the X1 crossover has a length of 176.5 inches. Another unknown is what it will be called. For now BMW is still referring to it as the Active Tourer but that could very well change in order to keep the brand's number naming scheme. All-wheel drive will probably be optional along with a smorgasbord of pricey features. Its base price will be competitive, however, likely to start off in the lower $30k region.

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