It's Official: Bristol To Unveil New Car This Month

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It's all going down in the only showroom the company has!

Given the nature of the Bristol brand, it's been incredible to find so much news filtering out of its headquarters in West London. We heard earlier in the year, for instance, that Bristol would be introducing a new car to mark its 70th anniversary, and shortly later a thinly-disguised prototype of the "Project Pinnacle" made a surprise debut at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Now we find ourselves with another Bristol announcement to report on: the confirmation that the new car will be revealed in full later this month.

Set to take place in the firm's Kensington High Street showroom (the only official Bristol dealership in the world) the new Bristol road car's unveiling is scheduled for Tuesday 26 July, though the exact time is still unknown as of right now. To make up for this, perhaps, Bristol has revealed a few new details on the upcoming roadster. The supplier of the engine has now been officially revealed as BMW, further reinforcing our hypothesis that the Bristol's engine will be be identical to the Morgan Aero 8's, and a report by Autocar is claiming this upcoming British roadster will be called the "Bullet," thus returning Bristol to its traditionally alliterative naming conventions.

Everything else, however, is being kept closely under wraps for the time being. We've no idea what kind of transmissions will be offered outside of the stick shift we spotted in the prototype at Goodwood, how many will be made, how much it will be sold for and so on. Perhaps because of this media blackout, though, we're especially looking forward to finding out more on this supposed Bristol Bullet. The anticipation is real, folks, and we can't wait to learn more details on what the ever-secretive Bristol Cars Limited company has been working on.

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