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It's Official: New Nissan GT-R Coming in 2016

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The only thing we have to do now is wait.

There have been all sorts of rumors regarding the powertrain makeup of the next-generation Nissan GT-R. Some have claimed it'll be a pure EV (very unlikely) or that it'll have a hybrid setup of some sort (possible), but one thing is certain: we'll have our answer in 2016. A Nissan representative just confirmed to Motor Trend that the next Godzilla supercar killer will debut as a 2016 model, which is about a year earlier than we originally expected.

The timing does make sense considering the automaker will soon debut the Nismo GT-R, a lighter, more powerful track-tuned beast that'll serve as sort of a final goodbye for the R35. The Nissan rep didn't divulge any details regarding the new GT-R, but we're willing to bet that it'll have hybrid technology in light of the general way things are going in the supercar industry. The upcoming Acura NSX, which will also premiere at around the same time, will feature a hybrid all-wheel drive system. Assuming the GT-R will continue to have all-wheel drive, this is a Japanese supercar matchup we simply can't wait to see.

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