It's Shocking That A 43-Year-Old Ford Truck Is Still Capable Of Kicking This Much Ass

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And it's called Sloppy for a reason.

You probably see them on the road all the time, but rarely give them much thought, let alone a second look. Pickup truck drivers are known to be extremely loyal to their trucks and brands alike, often times driving their vehicle until it dies completely. But there are some people who are finding ways to breathe new life into these decades-old trucks. One such guy shipped an old Ford pickup to Dubai and, well, turned it into an absolutely insane desert runner. And its name is Sloppy.

This 43-year-old truck can literally do things many new trucks simply can't. There's really nothing that stands in its way, with the sole exception of a massive sand dune and the simple laws of physics. The /Drive channel took Sloppy out to the desert to see why it's earned its name.

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