It's So On: 2015 Mustang Vs. 2015 Challenger

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Is it even possible to determine a winner?

Both are all-American classics, both in name and reputations. The Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger first appeared on the scene decades ago and, despite some ups and downs (not to mention the Challenger's absence) over the years, both are very much alive and well today. In fact, both are better than ever. Ford and Dodge have proven to be extremely careful and diligent in securing each of the cars' reputation by giving them plenty of horsepower and style.


Both are available with V8 engines, something that's becoming less and less common as the turbocharging era continues. In addition, the cars have retained their classic rear-wheel-drive setup. But the bottom line is that the Mustang and Challenger are pure American muscle. While the Challenger received a significant refresh for 2015, the Mustang is all-new. Obviously each one has its own loyal following, but we couldn't help but wonder how they'd compare in a direct matchup.

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