It's Time For BMW To Give The i3 And i8 A Serious Refresh


BMW's i-Series is starting to stagnate.

Demand for BMW's i-Series models has started to dwindle in 2016. Combined sales of the i3 and i8 was just 5,128 units in the first quarter of 2016. According to BMW Blog, these numbers are down nearly 23% from last year. The i3 has a pretty short range of around 80 miles on electricity alone. While the range extending model can increase this to around 160 miles, the two-cylinder engine adds $3,850 to the i3's $42,400 base price. Cheaper rivals like the Nissan Leaf have been updated with increased range of over 100 miles on a charge.

BMW confirmed plans to increase the i3's range to around 120 miles. Hopefully this will help increase sales against upcoming models like the Tesla Model 3 and Ford Focus Electric. Other rumors predict that BMW is working on a third i-Series model called the i5. This model would likely be a sedan with around 200 miles of range to compete with the Model 3. We think that the i3 is just too weird for typical BMW buyers and the i8 is just too expensive. The Model 3 will likely be a game changer and BMW better be ready for it. A more normal looking sedan for the i-Series may be just what BMW needs to battle Tesla in the EV market.

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