It's Too Easy To Predict The Outcome Of This Germany Vs USA Drag Race

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V8s vs turbocharged 6-cylinders. Now we'll see if displacement really is better.

The letters "SS" and Germany tend to invoke bad thoughts in most people's minds thanks to the reputation that the military squadron gained for protecting Nazi party officials. However, in this video, the SS badge is on the American side while the two competitors are getting down on the drag strip to defend Germany. So how do the two German cars compare when going against the Camaro on its quarter mile of home turf? Perhaps you can take a guess.

Before we get into that, it's best to analyze the cars in question. For this competition, the Camaro SS is going up against Mercedes and Audi.

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However, these German cars are the middle of the pack offerings in their respective lineups. The Mercedes-AMG C43 is outclassed by the AMG C63 and C63 S while the Audi S5 looks up to its more powerful brethren, the RS5. With a two-cylinder advantage over the Germans, the Camaro SS makes over 93 horsepower more than the Mercedes, its closest competitor. It also hits 60 mph more quickly than the other two and is a car built for the drag strip, not the Nurburgring. As a result, we can now see the most predictable drag race imaginable when the Camaro smokes the less powerful German offerings, even if it isn't be a country mile.


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