It Sounds Crazy, But Tesla Wants To Build A Big Rig Truck

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Isn't the point of a big rig to go really far with a lot of stuff?

We've gotten used to hearing Tesla CEO Elon Musk say some wacky things, but this news may top it all. According to a report for Reuters, Tesla will unveil its plans for an all-electric big rig truck as early as next week. The truck is rumored to have a range of 200 to 300 miles on a single charge, with advanced autonomous capabilities like Tesla's cars. Musk talked about the truck's performance and showed off an image of what it could look like with the academic media site TED back in June. The idea sounds strange, but appears to be legitimate.

Musk says that his truck will be able to haul the heaviest class of haulage allowed in the US. The Tesla big rig will also produce more torque than any other truck on the road and could even pull a diesel-powered rival up a hill. In perhaps the craziest statement of all, Musk said the truck drives "like a sports car" and that he was surprised how nimble it was. We are bit confused as to why Tesla is focusing so much effort on producing a big rig truck. We understand that this is an important industry that other manufacturers like Volvo already compete in, but Tesla is a growing brand that should have other priorities right now.

With all of the hype surround the long-awaited Model 3, we'd think that Tesla would devote all of its time and energy into making sure that deliveries take place on schedule. An autonomous big rigsounds like an interesting idea, but there is already a lot of work going into creating them and we don't understand the appeal of an electric big rig. These trucks are supposed to travel huge distances at a time, and conventional trucks can do over 1,000 on a tank of diesel. The Tesla truck will only be able to handle short distances and require frequent charging. Sorry Musk, but we really don't see the point on this one.

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