It Sounds Like Aston Martin Might Build A Rolls-Royce Competitor


As long as we can keep our DB11s, we're okay with that.

Agent 007 sprints down a narrow hallway and emerges outside to find a row of machine guns aimed at him. He dives to cover behind his….Hermes bag? This is not a scene from the newest James Bond movie, but it may reflect Aston Martin's plans for the future. According to Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, he wants his brand to become the automotive equivalent of Hermes. Movies like the James Bond series have instilled the public with a sophisticated and sporty view of the automaker.

Palmer's company, which has struggled to turn a profit since 2010, now wants to turn this perception upside down. In an interview with Bloomberg, Palmer said, "We seek to position ourselves as the automotive equivalent of Hermes, not as the counterpart of Ferrari." This means that instead of targeting customers seeking high-speed thrills and heavenly V12s, the brand will cater to caviar connoisseurs who would otherwise buy a Rolls-Royce. If Aston Martin ends Vanquish and DB11 production in order to build Lagonda-like cars, then we would be seriously concerned about its future. But if the company keeps the grand tourers, builds a better looking saloon, and boards the SUV bandwagon, then we'd be optimistic about its future chances.

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