It Sounds Like Karma Automotive Is Already Messing Up On The New Karma

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Why does the company think this is a good idea?

Karma Automotive is now in business and the first thing the new Chinese-owned manufacturing company, Wanxiang Group, wants to do is bring back the terrible Karma. With a host of problems, which included fires, the original Karma didn't stand up to its asking price and was a major letdown. Nevertheless, according to a writer that goes by JCMorrill on the Fisker Buzz forum, the next Karma will be similar to the previous iteration.

Apparently, JCMorrill spent a "couple hours last week with the managers setting up the new factory" from which he learned that the "new Karmas will have only a limited number of improvements." We're not sure what Karma Automotive is thinking, but minor improvements to a car that was dreadful is a terrible idea. JCMorrill goes into more detail and claims that the car will retain the 2.0-liter powertrain that will have the same 33-mile all-electric range. The post also claims that the car will have the same look as the old model. There is good news, however, as the dash displays will be updated and some new driver-assist features will be added. These don't sound like a lot of changes to an electric car that will have a claimed price tag of $135,000.

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