It Sucks For Whoever Cleans The Ariel Nomad Following The Mud Apocalypse


Driving it is way more fun.

The Ariel Nomad. A hardcore off-roader nobody asked for but that we all still crave for anyway. It’s not exactly ideal for daily driving because it lacks any sort of creature comfort. Doors are nonexistent, nor is a closed roof. Its one or two occupants are fully exposed to the elements. And that’s exactly why we love the thing. Goodwood Road and Racing took all of that into account and headed over to the Goodwood Circuit on a typical English day, meaning it was cloudy and raining. There was no sun, only a muddy as all hell off-road course.

Call it the Mud Apocalypse. Both car and driver get splattered in wet earth and, in all honesty, we wish we could’ve joined in on the fun. With its 0-60 mph sprint time of just 4 seconds, the Ariel Nomad certainly has the power and performance of its Atom sibling. But the Nomad’s true home is in the mud and dirt, pretty much everywhere the Atom can’t go.

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For some, doing what these guys do in this video looks like an absolutely miserable experience. We disagree. The only miserable thing about all of this is cleaning the Nomad following the off-road mud fest. That's definitely a job no one wants to do.