It Takes A Ridiculous Amount Of People To Unload The $1.1 Million Apollo Arrow


It wasn’t all that long ago that we saw the Apollo Arrow make its grand debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. At the time we were pretty damn thrilled, even going so far as to say the car has the potential for greatness. Of course it’s easy to take a car to a show and stun the assembled media and crowd. It’s another thing to actually get people to buy it, especially when it costs around $1.1 million. Only 100 Arrows are being made and it seems as if one of the first has landed in—surprise—Monaco.

When it comes to expensive supercars you need to handle them with care. It takes about seven people to get this Arrow off the truck and comfortably set up in the street. It’s a bit ridiculous to watch, but who wants to take delivery of a car worth over a $1 million that’ scratched? No one, that’s who.

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