It Took 1,500 Hours To Complete The Gold Paint Job On This Buick Riviera

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And the roof was sliced off and then reattached three-inches lower.

Before the horrific era of badge engineering, design actually meant something at GM. Specifically, the 1960s was a great time in GM's design history and, fortunately, the automaker has once again brought design back to the top of its priorities list. But it sure doesn't style its cars quite like it once did, and the 1966 Buick Riviera is just one example of that. This particular example, which recently made a pit stop at Jay Leno's famed garage, has been the subject of a resto mod of sorts. We want to emphasize the "of sorts" part.

While its original 425 cubic inch V8 and interior remain (although both received extensive restorations), Escondido, California,based Hot Rods and Custom Stuff also focused on additional things, mainly its gold-flaked paint job, a 1,500 man-hour effort. It didn't stop there.

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The shop crew also chopped off the roof and then reattached it three-inches lower than before, then added an air-ride suspension and bigger wheels. The result is stunning, and yet the overall original design of this '66 Riviera remains mostly intact. Just goes to show that great design can be timeless.

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