It Took Forever But Audi Has Finally Revealed The All-New A5 And S5


So was the wait worth it?

After nine years without a significant update Audi has revealed the all-new A5 and S5 coupes. Nine years is a long time for a car to go without a complete overhaul, but the wait seems to have been worth it. The new A5 offers an all-new chassis, a variety of engine choices and a roomier interior. The exterior wasn't radically redesigned but is noticeably more chiseled—the old A5 now looks like a jellybean—with the hood looking especially muscular. The A4 on which it's based looks quite demure in comparison.

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Despite this beefier look Audi claims that the new A5 lost 132 pounds. The automaker says the car is the lightest “in the competitive field” and that it has a drag coefficient of 0.25, a figure which also leads its segment. There will be five engines on offer in Germany, two gas and three diesel units with power ranging from 187 to 282 hp. America doesn’t really do diesel Audi sedans anymore, so expect only the petrol-powered TFSI units to make it stateside. Of those two the new 3.0-liter V6 unit in the S5 is the one to get excited about as it makes 354 horsepower, a bump of 21 hp over the previous model. No word on transmission pairings but we hope the S5 keeps its six-speed manual. A seven-speed dual-clutch is nice and all...but manual.

If the A5 and S5 look larger it’s because they are. The wheelbase is longer, allowing for more interior room. The overhangs are noticeably shorter than the previous-generation A5/S5, thus tempering the newly elongated look just a tad. The cabin looks decently sized although the climate controls in the back seem to come dangerously close to the rear seats. Since this is a two-door coupe you likely won’t be putting both people and cargo in the back which is fine as there’s 16.4 cubic feet of storage space in the trunk. New to the A5 is Audi's virtual cockpit, consisting of a massive 12.3-inch screen that's both a digital gauge cluster and display screen for other features like navigation and media. This is paired with an 8.3-inch infotainment screen.

As expected the new A5 and S5 come with a wealth of tech and driver safety aids. There is Android Auto and Apple CarPlay along with an optional wireless charging pad for smartphones. New safety features include park assist, rear cross traffic assist, collision avoidance assist and camera-based recognition of traffic signs which sounds damn cool. While both the new A5 and S5 look great it’s the latter that enthusiasts will be curious about. Audi is staying mum on the performance figures of both models but did let slip that the new S5 will do 0 to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds while offering 32 mpg. Both models will launch in Europe and Germany in fall 2016. No pricing info and release dates regarding the US were given.