It Took Only 7 Days To Transform This London Taxi Into A Rat Rod Van

Total investment: About $1,300.

For someone whose profession is a mechanic, there’s perhaps no better publicity than this: a London taxi turned into a rat rod van of sorts. Meet Paul Bacon. He’s English, and he’s a mechanic. Because of his country of residence, access to retired London taxis isn’t difficult, and it’s also dirt cheap. For a mere 450 GBP, about $590, Bacon made his purchase and immediately got to work. In a mere seven days, the job was done and the result is pretty obnoxious.

This Rat Rod van’s taxi origins are barely recognizable, the sign of a talented mechanic and fabricator. It may look as if the body was lowered, but it wasn’t. Thanks to all of that new sheetmetal with a rusted appearance, the van has a really cool lowered look. And yes, the rear bumper scrapes against asphalt on a regular basis.

It goes without saying that Bacon receives plenty of attention and is asked a lot of questions when driving around town (top speed: 64 mph, so far), which also translates to free publicity for his business. Under that heavy hood is the same Nissan engine found in many other London cabs, so parts and overall maintenance likely isn’t a problem. And because it’s a van, Bacon can fit all of his work stuff in the back. But not all vans are dripping with nearly as much coolness as this one, and yet the entire project cost him only about $1,300.

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