It Took This Guy 1,000 Hours To Build His Own Formula 1 Car


Genius mechanic decides to take the initiative. Bravo.

It took supercar fanatic Miso Kuzmanovic more than 1,000 hours to build his dream project, a Formula 1 car. It took 20,000 Euros and two years to complete the task and the result is pretty extraordinary. But unlike a real F1 car, this one is completely street legal. That’s right, he drives it all around his hometown in Bosnia. It even has two seats because a passion project like this favors company. Power output, however, isn’t anywhere near F1 levels, but 100 hp appears to be good enough, considering this thing doesn’t weigh all that much.

But perhaps his biggest problem with the project wasn’t the car itself, but all of the paperwork involved to make it street legal. Obviously the local DMV had never seen anything like this before, and had no clue whether it was safe or not. But everything managed to work out in the end and the results speak for themselves.

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Interestingly, Kuzmanovic claims he isn't finished with it just yet and he has more "secret" projects in mind. We'd honestly like to see output grow to be more than 100 hp. All it would take is the right engine. If Kuzmanovic has come this far, then why not go all the way?