It Tries Hard But The Audi RS5 Can't Beat The Mercedes-AMG C63 S

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AMG is simply its own kind of bonkers.

Anyone who's ever driven a Mercedes-AMG product understands one clear thing: the car is wonderfully bonkers. Refined, yes, but it can become an absolute beast with the simple application of pressure on the throttle. For some, AMG is the gold standard, perhaps even above BMW M. While those two German premium brands have been going at it for years, Audi has revamped its Quattro division, now called Audi Sport, and one of its first products is the all-new 2018 Audi RS5.

Gone is the previous RS5's naturally aspirated V8, which is kind of a bummer but still a necessary move. Fortunately, its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 replacement is its own unique animal, producing the same 450 hp as before.

Compared to its predecessor, the new RS5 is equally as refined luxury wise, but it's a huge improvement in overall driving feel and performance. That said, enter the Mercedes-AMG C63 S, a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8-powered German land rocket with 503 hp. Okay, so on paper the cars' specs are similar enough, so it all boils down to which is the better driver's car. That's the question Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman and his new Head to Head co-host Jethro Bovingdon were assigned to find out. A trip to Wales was in order due to its ideal public driving roads and beautiful scenery. Want to come along for the ride? Check out the video and see why the AMG C63 S still ranks numero uno.

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