It Turns Out that Scion is Still Around


Almost forgot about you there. Sorry about that.

Updating our model list database is a big project, involving every major and relevant automaker and their entire model lineups. So when we came to Scion, we literally almost drew a blank regarding its models other than the FR-S. There's good reason why: they're boring and irrelevant in today's market (again, not the FR-S). There. We said it. Now it's time for Toyota to do the same. The tC? You're better off with a Kia Forte Koup or Honda Civic Coupe. Heck, just get an FR-S – and turbo it yourself.


The xB and xC and xWhatever? Exactly that. Whatever. Go for the Nissan Juke instead. Back to the FR-S for a moment and it's clear that it (and the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86) needs an extra 50 hp or so. Sales have been hurting because of this very issue. Toyota is aware of its Scion problem and the fact that the FR-S hasn't quite been the savior it'd been hoping for. The question is whether anything can be done. Perhaps it'd be best to rebadge the FR-S as the GT86 and sell it at Toyota dealers, then ditch the rest of the Scion lineup. We doubt few would miss them. And it would make our database updates just a tad easier. We reached out to Scion but they denied to comment on any future products.

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