It Turns Out The Aluminum F-150 Is Safe To Crash But Repairs Will Crush Your Wallet


Will you reconsider your aluminum truck hate now?

A lot has been made over the new aluminum F-150. Everyone from Joe Regular down at the construction site to Chevrolet seems to have an opinion of Ford's switch from steel. Now the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has weighed in. The IIHS crash tested both an F-150 SuperCab and SuperCrew Cab (extended cab). It found the SuperCab to be the safer of the two but both trucks scored high. The SuperCab even did well enough to qualify for the Top Safety Pick award!

Here's a fun but kind of boring video that shows the testing taking place. The important thing to note is the ending where two F-150s are crashed into each other.

One of these F-150s is steel and the other is aluminum. Following the crash, the IIHS found that repair costs for the aluminum F-150 were 26 percent higher due to an uptick in both parts and labor. This is likely to go down over time as more F-150s and other aluminum cars hit the road, though. So, what do you think of the IIHS results? Do the higher repair costs scare you off or are you happy with a lighter truck that does better on gas and is still pretty damn safe?

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