It Was A Miracle The 1992 Pontiac SLP Firehawk Was Street Legal


SLP stands for Street Legal Performance.

Not all of you may remember this, which is fair enough. But since you’re reading, it’s time to fill you in. Back in 1992, Pontiac teamed up with Street Legal Performance (SLP), a hot rod shop that did all the right things to make the Firebird spectacular. Its creation was called the SLP Firehawk, and each one came powered by a heavily modified 5.7-liter V8 with 350 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. These were extremely impressive figures in 1992, so much so that when Motor Week reviewed the car, it proclaimed it was a miracle it was even street legal.

Leave it to the hot rod shop to make things right. Aside from the engine, the standard five-speed manual was tossed aside in favor of the ZF six-speed manual from the Corvette. Also added was a Dana 44 rear end, 17-inch wheels, and the same front Brembos used on the Ferrari F40. Impressive.

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And get this: anyone could walk into their local Pontiac dealership and order one. It was merely a special option package, but it didn’t come cheap at just under $40,000. Even in 1992 that was a lot of dough for a Pontiac. However, the SLP Firehawk has become a hot collector’s car, with one recently selling on eBay for over $90,000.